Why Choose Us?

Sleaford Storage helps you deal with storage shortage. With clients’ unique needs, we offer storage units and warehouses for lease at very affordable prices.

With Sleaford Storage’s great deals, you’ll never go wrong in trusting our self-storage facilities. Keeping high regard for our clients, we ensure every storage unit and warehouse is clean and ready to rent. Every delivery is safe and timely to satisfy our clients’ needs in UK.


We provide free delivery and pick-up of items within Sleaford for monthly rentals (12 months) of medium and large units. Loading ramps and loading equipment are also available. Our facility can also accommodate 20 or 40 ft. container truck deliveries.


Let our experienced team help you pack your belongings safely and securely. Essential packing materials such as boxes, and other packing supplies are available upon your request.

Sleaford Removals currently offers internal storage only, in industry standard wooden crates. These crates are 5’ wide x 8’ high x 7’ deep; totaling around 250 cubic feet. (Approximately 4 of these equates to approximately one of the large 20ft ISO containers

The crates are charged at £12.00 per week per crate including VAT, payable 4 weeks/1month in advance and any full unused weeks are refunded.

All our crates are stored in a fully secured and alarmed warehouse with police response, and we also offer optional storage insurance with £20000 cover for £45.00 per annum.

Due to the nature of the way the crates are stacked and rotated in the warehouse we require 48hrs notice to either ready your crates to come into storage or if you require access to your crates at any point. Please also note that our business hours are Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm and as such no access is available outside of these hours.
(Please be advised that a retrieval cost might be incurred
depending on where your crate is situated).

To find out more about our secure storage service and facilities…